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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing with Bobby

Whether it's games or music, Bobby can do it all.
Spot the python (Eames wins)

Air guitar (you're playing right-handed, Bobby)

Whatever the game is, it looks like Eames lost

Aha! Left-handed air guitar

Pin the tail on the donkey, Major Case style

I think Bobby won again

"I'm sorry to look smug, losers!"

No, Bobby, when you play Knock Down Ginger,
you're supposed to run away when you've knocked at the door

Staring down

Don't know who won, but they're being very gentlemanly about it

Looks like Bobby lost this one

Anybody else want to play with Bobby?


Anonymous said...

Oooo,ooO, I love playing games with Bobby. Can we play hide the python

potzina said...

"I'm sorry to look smug, losers!" Hahaha! Very funny, val! :D

Anonymous said...

'Hide and Seek' I think, I'll 'hide' something about my person and he'll have to 'seek' it - or vice versa might be fun too!!!

Ruby said...

I'll play anything anytime with Bobby, preferably one-on-one!

SnarkAngel said...

Any "game" where we BOTH end up winners is fine with me!

DrowseyMonkey said...

i liked this episode ... eventho his hair was kidna poofy, lol

jazzy said...

Looks as if Eames was blowing a kiss in pic #4

Eliza said...

ME!! I can think of lots of games to play with Bobby..and none of them require clothes :-D

JoJo said...

I do! I wanna play with Bobby!!!

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