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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ann's Amazing Addition

Those of you who have been around V-Blogland for a while will remember that our beloved Vixen Ann had an entire blog dedicated to Mrs Bobby Goren. Sadly, life got in the way of art, and the story left us with a pregnant Mrs BG in prison accused of murdering Nicole Wallace.

Ann has written a new episode (this time in the third person rather than the first person of the original) and I have just posted it on



ann said...

wow that was quick...

i totally deleted that blog and have nothing left of any those stories, but if i remember correctly mrsbg was framed by nicole for a murder that nicole had committed... mrsbg was totally innocent of course

and if memory serves me well (it was some time ago) the last thing i wrote was her calling bobby home to feel the baby moving for the first time... aaaaaaaaaah

val, if i have the time or inclination do you want to know what bobby has got up his sleeve?

val said...

Sorry, Ann, that must have been wishful thinking.

I would LOVE to hear more, and I'm sure everyone else would, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Ann do tell. Don't leave us hangin' Darlin'.

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