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Saturday, May 01, 2010

What did they do with Bobby's friends?

Remember the early episodes of Criminal Intent? Bobby was always going off to consult with "my friend so-and-so".

Right from the start of One, we met his friends. First, there was the biker guy with contacts in Canada:

Then there were the tree-huggers in Poison:

Most memorable there was the wonderful Lewis in The Pardoner's Tale and Cherry Red:

In A Murderer Among Us he has to phone his friend Stephen, who's a Rabbi:

But as the going gets tough the friends are written out.

In Amends, he is sitting alone on his kitchen floor with no one to comfort him:

Then by the time we come to Purgatory, he is in a bar on his own drinking. No friends here, only an old enemy who, surprisingly (given his supposed eye problems) seems perfectly capable of seeing him face on:

What did they do to all his friends? Why is he so alone?

Most importantly of all



Ruby said...

Good questions all. And still another question: WHAT did they do with Bobby???!!!!??? Not a mention of him since they fired him -- inexcusable!

Anonymous said...

I always thought they didn't quite know what to 'do' with Bobby in the first couple of seasons (we could have told them!), so it felt like they were trying out different scenarios; did he have friends/was he a loner. I think Vincent mentioned this in an interview somewhere too. I guess they just decided on a less gregarious Detective Goren.

potzina said...

You're right! I never thought about this! They loved to see him desperate. And they loved to torture us. They're psychopaths or what?

Anonymous said...

I kinda liked it when we introduced to some of Bobby's friend. It helped get to know him better. When we didn't see them anymore it was almost like he was too complex or different to have real friends. He had become so absorbed and taken over by his work that it left no time to be social. Dark and mysterious. It left you wondering.

Eliza said...

Lewis made a big impression on me, and I would have loved to see more of him. I shall remain firmly convinced that Lewis is being his friend now, taking him out to get drunk, and giving him cars to play with :-)

bobbybegood1 said...

Maybe they want us to believe that his only friend is the actuary guy - the pen pal perp he befriended. Ha. Wouldn't that be a cruel and unusal JOKE! Cheers Val!!

JoJo said...

I KNOW! I never even thought of that Val, good point! :(

SnarkAngel said...

Bobby doesn't NEED any friends! He has MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

havers said...

I also missed his friends and interestig contacts.

Music Wench said...

Well, maybe as he got more depressed he didn't keep in touch with his friends. That's how I saw it. He even shut Eames out.

Ah well, in my opinion, he's not fired. He's still working with Eames and they're getting along again like the old days.

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