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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dave Allen

When Irish comedian Dave Allen died in 2005, Aged 68, it was the end of an era.
Although he'd been largely absent from our screens in recent years, he was an old friend to everyone who'd ever seen his show.
He'd sit on a chair with a drink by his side (or in his hand). It was water, but it looked like whiskey. He was a great storyteller, reeling you in at length towards the punchline. He also did plenty of very funny sketches.
Raised as a Catholic, he was forever poking fun at the church. At the end of his show, he would always say, "May your god go with you."
My favourite story, which was built around a joke, was particularly funny, because he narrated how one person he'd told it to didn't get it:
She was a rather prim and proper woman. He asked, "Why are all the urinals in the Vatican six inches higher than normal? Because the Pope likes to keep the Cardinals on their toes." She didn't laugh. "Don't you get it?" he inquired. "How could I?" she replied. "I'm not a Catholic."
The sit-down routines tended to be lengthy, some of the sketches are shorter. If you want to watch some of his best bits, there are plenty on YouTube. Here's one of the shorter ones:


SnarkAngel said...

Too funny! I always have to laugh at a good fart joke!

Eliza said...

Oh dear, had to wipe my eyes before I could comment :-D

Dave Allen makes me laugh almost as soon as I see his face, which is an inherited trait I think because he could have my grandad in stitches. Thanks Val (off to visit youtube..again)

potzina said...

Very funny! I love this kind of joke! Thanks Val! ;o)

Anonymous said...

The Dave Allen sketch I remember best was about cars, and how they performed according to their names: 'FerRARI' Triumph...umph...umph'

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