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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Silkie Sue

You have probably seen on JoJo's blog that a talented artist called Sam, supervised by her cat, Silkie Sue, is having a giveaway of this little teddy. She will enter people into the draw for a mention on their blogs.
I know, I have a house overrun by little furry creatures, both live and manufactured, but he is cute...
You can visit Sam's blogs here:


SnarkAngel said...

Very cute!

tess said...

He's precious. (I'm afraid my cats would rip him to shreds though..)

JoJo said...

How'd I miss this yesterday? Sam will be so happy to know her art is being promoted all over the blogosphere!!!

JoJo said...

PS If you win, why do I have a feeling that his name is going to be changed from Li'l Ted to Li'l Bobby or Vincent? ;P

potzina said...

Adorable! Love it!

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