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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sizing Bobby Up

"Val said girth is more important than length.

Luckily I have both.

And a lot more besides."


potzina said...

"Val said girth is more important than length" LMAO! You're right! :o)

potzina said...

I would check if he told us the truth! *Fantasies*

Frances said...

Quality over quantity.

JoJo said...

Size DOES matter!!

Anonymous said...

Well they say anything more than 2 inchs is a waste. I beg to differ, and rather not test that theory, and will take every inch I can get, all size 13 of it!

Anonymous said...

Damn but he's soooooo gorgeous!!!

SnarkAngel said...

I wanna hear more about those "besides." LOL

mauigirl said...

I appoint myself Vixen in charge of checking this out. I'll report back to you later.

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