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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Salt On Our Skin

I have only capped the beginning of this, and though I am going to return to it today, I always have problems adding to existing albums, so I will give you the pleasure of a post before I tear my hair out figuring out ways to get the next lot of pidtures to follow on from the first.

Oh, and this is also the Korean DVD, and the next batch will be from the German DVD.

Don't act surprised, you know you've all got multiple copies of everything too!


PurpleVixen7 said...

Vincent skin on my skin..the sea..palm trees..I don't need more..!!;)))

potzina said...

I would like to be a small bottle...;D

Anonymous said...

You'll be happier with the (pristine!) pix from the German DVD :0)

fuzzytweetie said...

And I thought I was the only one with multiples!LOL (orgasms, too)

JoJo said...

Lucky bottle. lol

SnarkAngel said...

Those lucky suspenders! And they accentuate his LOVELY frame so well! I'd LOVE the chance to share some salty skin with his!!!

Eliza said...

As Di said, the difference in quality between the dvds is wonderful. But as these feature A topless Vincent I'm more than happy with them :-)

jazzy said...

Aaaww Gavin! He's that cute I would even take the Klyngonian version of him.
But Di is right, you'll see :)

ann said...

the gorgeous gavin -
vincent is all about quality

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