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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank you Google Alerts

For those who did not nip over to the item mentioned in the latest VDO alert - this is what you missed:

You also missed the first hint that he is getting bored with Bobby and will go one day. Though (pay attention, nay-sayers) NOT YET!


Diane said...

Tess and I have a bet on that VERY soon, the trollies will have twisted his words and it'll be everywhere that he's bored and he's leaving. Naturally, that's NOT what he said, but that never stops them!!!!

ann said...

I missed that bit of gossip!

the pic is hot tho' ::sigh::

SnarkAngel said...

Love the pic ... HATE the troll-driven gossip!

Eliza said...

As he said, he'll have to leave sometime, but not anytime soon...I don't think I'll panic yet :-)

I don't know what the retirement age is for detectives in NY, but surely, if he stayed true-to-life we have a few years left (fingers crossed)

Tess said...

Personally, I think Vincent will leave when the show ends. This is his baby, (well, by now an 8 year old child) I just don't see him turning it over to anyone else.

val said...

Retirement age for NYC detectives? Well, nearing 70 if Lennie Briscoe is anything to go by!

Sophie said...

Did you miss the one..."I'll stay as long as the show needs me." Dick Wolf went a long way to get him...not likely they'll change now!

Vince said...

I think Vincent will leave when the show ends



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