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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Values

A veritable cabinet of curiosities.

Weren't there some weird camera angles?

And when did the stripper-cum-nun Susan Misner suddenly become Susie Misner. Surely you should do it the other way round as you get older?

As for Bobby, he really was back to his old self, wasn't he?

Anyway, once I started selecting pictures, I found I couldn't stop...


SnarkAngel said...

I, for one, will NEVER ask you to stop, VAl!!! Wonderful caps, my dear!

Eliza said...

I have to give myself a very stern talking to every time I have new pictures..the temptation is too post whole series of caps detailing his every movement :-)

judith said...

keep on val. keep on!!x

Anonymous said...

Happy to see that your capping finger managed some 'exercise'!

PurpleVixen7 said...

Lovely caps,like always Val!!:)Lot's of puckering of Vincent's sexy lips..OY YEA!!Bobby rocks again..YESSSSSS!!;)))

ann said...

ah my Bobby Bobby - I wish those pics were in my family album :>)

Anonymous said...

Great columns.....


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