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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Needed - One Revolution

I hate the class system. When I was at a gala where the Queen Mother was guest of hounour, everyone stood when she entered the auditorium. I remained seated. She was no better than me. She was an old lady, so I would have stood for her on a bus (as if she'd ever been on one) but I wouldn't stand in deference.

I thought it was very British, but one thing that the Law and Order franchise, if it is portraying reality, has shown me is that rampant classism is rife in the US. The private schools that I abhor over here are even more elitist and privileged, if the shows are anything to go by. The sense of entitlement and superiority of the young people even to the teachers who can provide them with the grades they need for the next stage in their lives (let's not pretend it's the knowledge and education) turns my stomach.

And there it all was in Legacy. The silver spoon brigade showing contempt for ordinary humanity. The world would be a better place if these insufferable snobs were taken down a few pegs.

Anyway, thank goodness in Legacy Bobby was there with his brilliance to show them the correct amount of respect (ie. none).


Music Wench said...

Great video! And yes, it seems for all our claims of egalitarianism we're more class oriented in this society that we'd like to believe. It's become worse, IMO, since the rich in this country keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. At the rate we're going the middle class may be non-existent.

Interesting that you feel about your Queen the same way I do. LOL Sorry, but we all came into the world the same way and will be going out at one time or another.

Oh and this is probably one of my favorite Beatles songs! Goes well with my favorite actor/detective of all time, too. :)

jazzy said...

The Queen on a bus, what a wonderful imagination. Who knows, probably she is a fan of Vincent? If so, i would stand up for her ANY place.
Revolution is "THE" beatles song!

Anonymous said...

There are class systems everywhere; look at the Caste system in India. There have always been the haves and have nots, it's just now, that gap gets ever wider. I can't wait to be packed into my public ox cart with the other peasants while some rich bastard who can afford $1,000 for a gallon of petrol passes by in his car. We seem to be REgressing, not PROgressing.

And that's quite enough of dreary, unfair 'life'.

Vincent looks good enough to eat!!

JoJo said...

Oh yeah it's really bad here. But the sense of entitlement isn't reserved for the privileged children.

Even in Western Washington, there is a distinct "classism" b/t King County (Seattle) and Pierce County where I live.

SnarkAngel said...

Love the vid, Val! And yes, classism is very much alive and well here in the U.S. And all men are NOT created equal. Some are born with silver spoons in their mouths, and some are born with less than enough to eat. And nowhere is this more obvious than in our judicial system. Enough money can buy almost anyone a free pass. We're in a bad way, folks.

Goddessdster said...

I could get all defensive here and point out that our class system was imported from your homeland, but I don't really think that's important now. Class is a distinct and un-talked about issue here in the States and everywhere. Without radical change, there will always be haves and have-nots and a glass wall in between.

Me? I'd rather HAVE Vincent, even with the beard.

Tess said...

Wonderful video Val!

Claire said...

There is a class system here in the US. Some people get rich from inheritance or luck, but many through hard work. I don't know how the problem can be solved. I'm not rich, but comfortable and I'm happy to be taxed to take care of people who actually need it. But I don't want some of my hard earned dollars to go to someone who is just too lazy to work. Look if I had to (and I have) I'd work at just about anything before I'd take a hand out. Just sayin...
I don't like snotty people who feel entitled either.

silly for Vincent said...

Cool video Val!!
Bobby sure showed thoes snobs there place!!

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