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Friday, August 08, 2008

Flying Visit

Hi folks, just got back from the zoo and with very little time to spare I thought I'd give you an old slideshow of Siren Call (sadly the making of new ones is hit or miss, still - mostly miss).

Still, here we have all the old favourites - eyelashes, hands, shoulders, and all the general lusciousness that is the D'Evine one.


SnarkAngel said...

Absolutely delightful! But this slideshow should, perhaps, come with its own "siren," as a warning of potential heart palpitations! The eyelashes alone!!! *THUD*

Eliza said...

Finally I get to comment!! Don't think blogger likes me much when I come here :-(

The video was excellent,btw..I would have told you that yesterday if I was able to :-)

Doesn't it make you sick just how long those lashes are?? I'd have to pay a fortune for fancy mascaras to get anywhere near that length LOL

BASRIC said...

Luscious is exactly the word

Regina Caschetto said...

Dear Val-
Love your description of Vincent as the D'Ivine One-

jazzy said...

i would kill for those eyelashes!
also his unbuttoned blue shirt is a thrill... yummmm!

Anonymous said...

It seems quite strange at the moment to see him without the beard .... but he's lovely no matter what. I wish my eyelashes were a third the length of his *sighs*

Lozzie Cap said...

You wish your eyelashes were a third the length of his what, Diane? Fnaaar, fnaaar, wooof woof wallop etc.

Oooh that kinky curl on the nape of his neck has made me feel so NAUGHTY.

Tess said...

Oh...I Love that little curl :)

Music Wench said...

Ah, one of my favorite episodes! And of course the subject matter is always most gorgeous.

silly for Vincent said...

Exactly what we love Val!!
Just love those silver curls...mmmmmm...

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