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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I give up!

Last night Hallmark - if you believed the listings - was supposed to start Season 5 with, well, the start of Season 5.

But instead of Grow, they showed Prisoner!

Any offers of a reason why? No use emailing them, they don't understand the technology, any more than they understand how to announce the progamme about to start (they often announce the one that just finished - doh!) among other amateurish booobs they regularly make. Still, they do bring us LOTS of Bobby, and their spin-offs, Movies 24 and Diva have been know to show the odd VDO movie...:)

Anyone else feel like tying him to a fence or - something else...

I want to tug on that shirt-tail.

Stubble neck AND chest hair! I think it's the most they've ever let us see.

Dr Stern, I have this itch that only you can scratch.

If I had Bobby caged, I'd make sure he never wanted to get out.


Mariajosé said...

If I had to Bobby in a cage, it would put to me with him in the cage and would throw the key

JoJo said...

I definitely would like to have him spread eagle and tied up....on my bed!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take him prisoner...


Anonymous said...

I think the best we can say about Hallmark's scheduling is that they 'move to the beat of their own drum'. There seems to be no whys or wherefores, they just do what they do.

Seeing him behind the wire there always makes me think of my favourite line from the theme tune to Golden Eye; 'If I had him I'd never let him out'. So true!

Eliza said...

Hallmark have long been a mystery to me,so this is nor real surprise.Saying that,this is one of my favourite S5 episodes,so it's not too bad :-)

Mariajosé said...

Halmark announces the emission at least, tve2 has announced never it here, we must be kind to the programming to know it, in Spain is a series that almost nobody knows, not even have heard speak of her

Now they are replacing 6ª season, by all means without announcing it. They emit in addition it to the 1:00. Tomorrow they emit Brothers Keeper.

There is no country in which worse one treats to the foreign series that Spain. A book could be written. Fans of Lost, 24 (I myself), The West Wing, etc are desperate.

Sorry by the extension, but in a country where nothing exists about LOCI nor of VDO I need to be relieved. Between my friendships and fellow workers nobody sees the series, so I cannot comment nothing about her

Thanks to listen to me

Drowsey Monkey said...

Ohhhh, all great photos, and great captions. Yes, him up on a fence...that's a good photo. So is the one of him in that casual shirt ... ooohhh such a tease!

SnarkAngel said...

Delicious caps, as usual. Season 5 Bobby was so delectable . . . it was the beginning of his "beefing up" phase. Yummmmmmm.

jazzy said...

tying him? never! i would love to see his body in action

ann said...

I love your captions... brilliant, but my ideal would be him tying me up and being in control... ooooooooooh

aprilspring said...

I'd want him to tie me up too and then it's my turn. hee hee! Oh, that pic of him chest is absolutely breath-taking. *fans herself*

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