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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big and Strong

That was the clue in my crossword today.

As the word began with an "h" and ended with a "y", the first answer that came to mind was "hunky". It turned out to be "hefty".

No quarrels here.


SnarkAngel said...

Such slurpilicious caps, Val! YESSSSSSSSS!!! A "hunky and hefty" Vincent is a DELICIOUS Vincent! Thanks for torturing us with these, especially the one with his coattail raised up so we can eye that delectable behind of his.

Tess said...

Hunky...Hefty! Both work for me :)

BobbyG said...

I adore him with a little "beef" on that tall frame. Hefty Bobby = Hunky Bobby.

Mariajosé said...

Though he has put on weight it seems to my that it he is very handsome and much more sexy

I like the “young bobby”, but I like “old bobby” much more

Anonymous said...

The weight he put on for 'The Narrows' has now all but gone again, not that it should make any difference...which it doesn't - Vincent is VINCENT whether he's Pyle-weight or Valentino skinny. He needs meat on his beautiful bones anyway ;0)

God, I could kill Frank Goren with my bare hands!

silly for Vincent said...

Younger Bobby...mature Bobby...anytime sexy!!I don't skinny men!!Bobby even with that extra weigth on looks so yummy...and yea still sexy...I just want to bite him!!!:);))So beefy and cuddly...mmmmmmm!!!!!!

JoJo said...

Snarkangel - "slurpilicious" I love it!!! Isn't it amazing how many new words we've all made up to describe our hunky Vincent?? I think we should pool the words and create a "Vincent D'Onofrio D'escriptive D'ictionary".

jazzy said...

a beefy bobby who is wearing blue jeans makes me more than just happy!

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