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Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Website

I have embarked on a new enterprise. I'm building a website to house my pictures of Vincent. It's at this address:

So far there are only my two most recent picture albums, and somehow I managed to get lost before stetting up the Guest Book page, but this is only the beginning. Next stop is a family website. Lord knows I have enough stuff to put on there.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Oooh, I like! Very nice set up. :) Looking forward to it!

Eliza said...

yay!! It looks good Val.At this rate we're going to corner the market in free Vincent pics :-D

jazzy said...

great, a further playground for us :)

aprilspring said...

it is looking good. good job. again thanks for sharing.

Music Wench said...

Thanks for all the hard work! Looks good so far. :)

Anonymous said...

Make damn sure you keep watermarking them Val, so the witch on Ebay doesn't decide to snaffle them and sell them, while proclaiming they are not hers....sadly that doesn't seem to stop her making a fast buck for no effort at all!

Mariajosé said...

A new site about Vicent, the best news of the day

Bravo Val. Thanks

JoJo said...

It looks great! But how do I access your guestbook w/o having to open up a webpage myself?

SnarkAngel said...

Great start to an ambitious project, Val! Looking forward to seeing more!

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