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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vixens at the Zoo

Monday was the annual Vincent Vixen reunion, and this time we decided to go to my favourite stomping ground, London Zoo.

 photo DSC03101_zps1d228d9b.jpg

Diane, Eliza and Ann, with Melati in the background.

 photo DSC03102_zps4d3e3fc4.jpg

Diane, Eliza, Melati and me.

We had a great day catching up. Even with not much Vincent stuff to talk about, we have so much to talk about that we never shut up.

Ann took some lovely animal pictures:

Funny, they were bigger than this when I uploaded them...

At the end of the day, we tried to make our various ways back home to the four corners of the country (well, not quite...) but almost did not get past second base. There was a signal failure at the tube station, Camden Town, and hundreds of people outside pressing to be allowed in.

We decided  to try our luck with a cab (not easy in a busy location under such circumstances) but we were fortunate, and found one pretty quickly to take us to King's Cross, where Diane could catch her train, and the rest of us could find alternative ways to get to where we needed to be to continue our journeys.

Today I slept!


Eliza said...

Today, I have stayed as still as possible..and I had a very long nap this afternoon :)

It was such a lovely day,the trouble with the tube was a tiny blip

judith said...

Great to see the pics of you all and you all look great.
Val have you been dieting?

JoJo said...

YAY! You posted the pics!!!! I'm so glad you all got together again. Everyone looks amazing!

ann said...

What's up with you youngsters? This pensioner ran around with her old ma this morning and looked after her 4 month old granddaughter this afternoon lol xxx

Sandy said...

You ladies all look lovely, and what a great way to spend a day.

Tess said...

I'm SO glad you took pictures! It's lovely to see all of you :)

sixtwosue said...

Very cool! Are those prairie dogs? So cute. You must have had a great time and lots of fun conversation.

val said...

Ann, some of us would've pensioners too if the government hadn't moved the goalposts just when we were approachng them!

Sixtwosue, those are meerkats, obviously not as instantly recognisable in the US as in the UK, where they are the stars of an advertising campaign.

Judith, sadly I haven't lost any weight yet, though if the operation takes place any time soon, I'll be instantly minus 2 kilos.

judith said...

Not lost weight Val? Well you look wonderful. good luck with the OP.

Diane said...

Eek!I don't remember you standing THAT close for the first picture. Proof once again that I should only be photographed on a very dark night, in thick fog from a distance of at least a mile (or preferably not photographed at all)

As those present know, my foot 'objected' to all that walking, but carried on regardless. Good to see everyone, human and not :0)

lan ye said...
Ok, take care of yourself

Claire said...

Nice to "meet" you :-)

mauigirl said...

Ohhhh my! You ladies ALL look so wonderful! It's great that you get together (and take and post pix)!

RJ Simmons said...

liked your post. I'm new to the blog scene. Would you be willing to follow my post?

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