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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ruby Anniversary

Wow! Today marks my 40th wedding anniversary!

Sadly the divorce was seven years later, three years after the break-up.

One day I might scan in a few wedding photos. Or I might not.

We remained friends for years. I even went to his second wedding, and was invited to his third. But I don't think it took place, 'cos in 2000 he failed to return some calls, and I left him a message telling him to piss off. Maybe he was heartbroken by the split from Number 3, or maybe he was ashamed. Or too self-absorbed.

I think I might still be getting Christmas cards from him, but as I know a couple of guys called John with similar scrawl, I can't be sure. Nor do I really care.


judith said...

I wonder if he realises it would have been your Ruby Anniversary?

val said...

I doubt it. Don't suppose he remembers anniversary no. 2 either, though that marriage ended badly, whereas ours didn't.

JoJo said...

Hmmmm Happy sort of anniversary? ;)

judith said...

You read a little sad Val..
George never remembers our Anniversary March 20th..(I've given over reminding him)we've been married 42 years now.. a long time isn't it.. can't think where the years have gone..

Anonymous said...

Were my dad still with us, it would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary on the 4th...!!!

Eliza said...

Happy Non Anniversary :)

Our 'anniversary' is Halloween, which is a pretty hard date to forget, but Jim does, even after 25 years

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