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Monday, April 08, 2013


Just heard Thatcher's dead! Evil old bitch. I doubt we'll ever recover from the damage she did to this country, which her darling Cameron is determined to complete.

If there's a heaven and a hell, I've NO doubt which one she'll be in.


JoJo said...

My Facebook newsfeed is lighting up with the news. My Brit friends are disgusted at the thought of a state funeral. I expect there to be either protests or catcalls along the way. They'd be smart to hold a private ceremony and interment.

Eliza said...

I have to admit the first thing I said was 'ding dong the witch is dead'..but then I felt bad because whatever I thought of her politics(and I HATE her politics) she was a mother and grandmother too.

Jojo, I think if they hold a state funeral they would need a lot of security..there are a lot of people who's lives were ruined by her actions

vikeau said...

But Eliza tell us what you really think. LOL I concur with your assessment of her politics. I felt the same way about her good pal Ronald Reagan.

sixtwosue said...

The brilliant Charles Pierce writing just for you, Val:

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