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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow over Britain

No, not that sort of snow. Though we have had plenty of that in the last few days.

I'm talking about the Snow family.

There's broadcaster and newsreader Jon Snow, who seems to have been a fixture on our screens forever.

Then there's his cousin Peter Snow, renowned for leaping about on out TV screens, especially at election times.

But Peter's son Dan is making quite an impression these days. He looks just like his father, wounds like him too. He's a history man, and was most recently on our screens from Syria in a documentary about the phenomenal history of the place. Brave man.

Quite a hunk too (though a bit young), a big gangly man like his father, at a mere 6'6".

The family legacy is assured.


JoJo said...

'Leaping about' during elections?

judith said...

I think he's great..he married a Lady somebody or other 2011 I think it was..
I was hoping he'd fine me but no such luck!! LOL.

val said...

He made the swingometer a fixture during election nights, JoJo, legs and arms flying from indicator to indicator. That's the best way I can explain it. You had to see it!

Eliza said...

I like Dan Snow, he's a very good presenter, makes history relatively simple for people like me :)

I don't know why, but I never connected Jon Snow to Peter Snow..duh!

Anonymous said...

A verotable blizzard of Snows n'est ce pas??!

Like the rest of his family, Dan is a great presenter. His history of Syria the other night explained things about Muslim culture (the split between Sunis and Shias) that I didn't know....and made me feel once more that the world be a less troubled place if there was NO religion (cue John Lennon!)

val said...

Same here, Diane, in every respect.

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