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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Major Hathaway - a rare example Of a good baddie, or a bad goodie?

 photo Impostor10.jpg


Anonymous said...

The man with the Impossibly Sexy Flapping Coat - and I've never forgiven wee Gary Sinese for exploding!!

judith said...

He was rather sexy in this but an odd story....

JoJo said...

A bad goodie and oh em gee...the flapping coat!

MrsClaire K said...

Goatee! :-) Um, me was - absolutely superfluously - hoping for a LOCI : CSI NY crossover back in the day (a girl can always dream, right?).

Tess said...

He's just sexy in my book!

Eliza said...

A bad goodie..the best kind :D

I still puzzle over him when I watch Imposter..such a strange film

MrsClaire..I would have liked a crossover too..I believe there are some fanfics that do the job

miss lee said...

Monday should be Maledictus Monday.

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