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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tragic Loss

About an hour ago I heard from Alex's mum that he died last night. After successfully fighting everything that could be thrown at him, he succombed to that fucking bastard norovirus.

Alex believed in a deity, and I hope for his sake that a kind god was waiting for him.

Alex Hunt, 12-5-93 to 19-12-12
Rest in peace, sweet boy


Anonymous said...

My mother has long held that DREADFUL things always seem to happen in the run-up to Christmas. This one seems to be proving her more 'right' than usual....

I hope Alex's faith in a deity holds true for him. Sympathies to you and his family.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear of Alex. I'm glad he was a Believer in another life hereafter. How sad you must be and for his family. Way too much sadness these days.

JoJo said...

Poor kid. So young too. :( Sorry to hear this Val.

judith said...

Val I don't seem to have your email address any more.I can't think what's happened or where it's gone...As I went through my contacts list I seemed to have lost a lot.
Anyway my love, thank you so much for the Christmas is very kind of you to think of me.
I wish you all the best for Christmas and love and luck thoughout 2013.x
Love Judith.xx

Eliza said...

Oh heartfelt sympathies to you and his family x

I know I didn't 'know' Alex but your posts made it feel like I did..

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