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Monday, December 17, 2012

One tragedy of many

I'm sure none of us thinks the gun lobby will really let there be any change in the gun laws in the US. After all, why shouldn't everyone have the right to own assault rifles and automatic weapons?

I must say that I don't agree with those who say this is the single most important thing for Obama to achieve in this period in office. What is the point is saving lives that will ultimately be lost to the earth being ravaged by global warming, something no politicians anywhere seem to want to deal with as the matter of urgency anyone can see whose only axe to grind is the future of the planet, rather than growth, consumption and making money.

What will be the point of all their money when there's no planet to spend it in? Even the children of the rich will be condemned to suffer with every other creature on the planet, and their parents will be sure to make it all happen sooner because of their self-seeking attempts to deny any of it is really happening.

Happy Christmas...


JoJo said...

We are a sad species, the human race. I'm not sure if there is a solution; we may have gone past the point of no return. Gun laws can be further restrictive, but the bottom line is that criminals will always have access to illegal semi automatic weaponry. I believe that mental illness needs to start being addressed. The man who committed this horrible act was denied when he went to buy a gun. So he went home and used his mother's guns, which weren't locked up and probably loaded. She was a target shooter and taught the kids to shoot at a young age. I wasn't raised by parents who had them but they weren't seen as a big deal at all, and Russell has been shooting & hunting since he was a child. If they didn't hunt, they didn't eat. I admit that Brian didn't have a gun safe in our house....the weapons were all over the place (unloaded). We don't have a gun safe in this house either and we have hunting rifles & my revolver here.

judith said...

All I can is it is very..very sad those children and their teachers lost their lives in such a terrible way and my heart goes out to all concerned.

Eliza said...

I don't think controlling guns more will make much difference anyway..we supposedly have much tighter controls than the U.S but people still get shot :(

Climate change is an emotive subject, but I do wonder why the rest of the world do what they can if the States are allowed to cancel it out

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