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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Naughty, Naughty

I was just watching an episode of L&O LA, and at the start when they usually announce "adult themes" and such like, they said, "The following programme contains mild language".

What, like "goodness gracious"?

The only word in the whole programme that could qualify was "spic". Unpleasant and racist. And bleepable, like many other words they bleep and make nonsense of the dialogue.

But "mild language"? Every other word in the episode was mild. Unlike this comment:

What the fuck?


Anonymous said...

It's a bit like this BIZARRE habit the BBC now have of 'blurring' people's faces out, especially with children. I asssume this is because they don't have the person's specific permission to show them, but it makes it looks like they're all mini mass murderers or in witness protection or something. Political Correctness gone stark raving bonkers!

Eliza said...

They do it everywhere, and it annoys me so much, especially when it's a show on after 9pm, which always used to be the 'watershed' or whatever it was called...I'm an adult, watching a show that will probably have bad language or violence, or even sex in it..I don't need to be warned, let me make the discovery all on my own, then if it shocks me I have an off button or a channel changer

JoJo said...

Some stations edit stuff out of LOCI and LOSVU. They even edit 'Frasier' which, I'm sorry, has no bad language except the occasional bitch or bastard. Give me a break.

Tess said...

Apparently we're very sensitive creatures!

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