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Friday, December 28, 2012

Memories of Childhood

I can't imagine any of us grew up without watching at least one of Gerry Anderson's puppet shows - Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, to name but two.

But one of his shows is never mentioned, barely remembered, but a great favourite of mine. Meet Twizzle, the boy with the magic ratchety arms and legs:

He could miraculously stretch his legs and arms to reach things that started out beyond his little boy's reach, and I loved him. Farewell Gerry Anderson, you did us all proud.


JoJo said...

Isn't it sad to see our childhood actors and actresses passing away? We lost Jack Klugman and Charles Durning on Christmas Eve too.

Diane said...

Being a mere child (ahem!) the first Gerry Anderson show I remember is 'Fireball XL5' which I used to love. RIP Gerry, your shows were a HUGE part of my childhood; my first crush was Troy Tempest from 'Stingray'! OK, there were strings attached, but.... (sorry ;0))

Eliza said...

Joe90 was the one I remembered best..Thunderbirds my brothers liked, but I never really got it :)

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