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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Perfect Island Getaway

Here it is, off the north-west coast of Australia, but in French waters - the amazing Sandy Island:,159.724731&spn=2.683137,5.410767&t=h&z=8&lci=com.panoramio.all

Sadly, the only sand is 1400 feet down under the sea, because Sandy Islad doesn't exist. No one knows how it got on to various maps - including, obviously, Google maps - but when some folks tried to sail there they found nothing but empty ocean. Som a oerfect way to get away from it all.


JoJo said...

I am fascinated by this! Have to research!!!

Eliza said...

google maps is a law unto can be quite entertaining sometimes when you're trying to figure out how to get somewhere using public transport..insert rolling eyes here

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