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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Just watched this on TV the other night

And doesn't Bobby make the creepy little nurse from Enemy WIthin look like a schoolboy?


JoJo said...

That French guy was in an episode or two of SVU too. This episode of LOCI is one of my least faves...they are all such a creepy bunch of people all sleeping with each other and saving stained sheets. Ick. lol

Eliza said...

It's not one of my favourites..but I think the actor playing the nurse did a great job..I'm just glad I didn't get quite so obsessed over my kids education :)

Anonymous said...

The French actor (whose name I've already forgotten) was in a wonderful movie called 'Jesus of Montreal'. However, it wasn't until he was standing next to Vincent I realised what a wee pixie he was ;0)

val said...

Lothaire Bluteau? And it's not just that he's short - everything is on a miniature scale compared to Vincent. Look at the relative sizes of their heads!

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