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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Chained 6

Bob's memories of his abuse as a boy bring on nightmares.


JoJo said...


Sandy said...

Val, is that a heart tatoo on his left side and if so, is it for the movie only and what does it say?

val said...

You can see as much as me, Sandy. I'm positive it's for the film only, he's never had one on show before.

vikeau said...

It's hard to read but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say Mom. In fact it looks like a prison tat. Homemade and crudely done. My thoughts are I wonder if VDO had to shave his chest and belly?

vikeau said...

On closer inspection of the tattoo it looks like his initials BF,

Anonymous said...

I'm already tired of seeing the 'Vincent D'Onofrio is creepy' tweets. Thanks a bunch Jennifer Lynch.

Sandy said...

I haven't seen the tweets, Diane, but did see the movie on On Demand last night, even tho I said I wouldn't watch it....I guess I won't care to watch it again...But actually Vincent is not creepy, but his character sure was. Yeah, I guess Lynch had something to do with that, and Vincent's superb acting talents.

Heather said...

I think the name in the tattoo is Joanne. That is Bob's mother's name and given what happened between them, I think it makes sense that he'd have her name there.

Anyone else think so?

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