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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Want to be a corpse, anyone?

OK, this was supposed to be bigger, but my video capture interface (!) has changed, and the aspect ratio of the copy I made of the film has not come out quite right. BUT:

The video fairy sent me a little preview copy of the film I have on order from Amazon, and I had to share my favourite little interlude with my fellow Vixens. Further work to be done, but this should be enough to imagine yourself dead under Vincent's naked body. Second only to being alive under Vincent's naked body.

Lucky corpse.


JoJo said...

Very lucky corpse indeed!

Anonymous said...

He'd soon discover I wasn't dead at all ;0)

Tess said...

I can't bear to watch Chained.

Sandy said...

It shows up pretty good when I enlarge it but still is tough to make out.

judith said...

Not a film I want to watch either..

vikeau said...

I'm going to see it on the big screen on Oct. 12. Thus far the only US showing in Maryland at a film festival just outside of Washington DC. Although I've also pre-ordered the DVD. Next pre-order "fire with Fire".

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