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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home and Away

My last opera group closed in 2000, and I haven't found another that suited me, so for 12 years I haven't sung. But for this term, and because they rehearse on Mondays and I don't work till Thursday, I've decided to rejoin my first ever group, the Intimate Opera Club. Their website (still under construction) is here: Sadly, it's tiny compared to the old days, and rarely manages to do staged performances any more, but that suits me. It was great catching up with old friends last night. This evening I caught up with two other old friends - in the garden. When I refilled the bird feeders, the robin was still hopping around in the nearest bush. And further up the garden the fox was waiting for her supper. This afternoon she was grubbing round in the garden for whatever she could find under some rotting wood (left around precisely to encourage bug life) so I put out some food then. Last thing I'll donate some more to that hungry stomach - or possibly the cub's. Soft touch? Moi?


JoJo said...

I'm so glad you joined the opera group! Was it hard to get back into the singing after not having done it in so long? Or do you sing a lot in your house?

vikeau said...

I was thinking the same thing JoJo, but once a singer always a singer. val your many talents never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy and flourish with your new old group.

val said...

I haven't realleen doing anything. Getting the harmonies wasn't too bad, though. Being a mezzo, I'm used to singing a third down from the sopranos. Plus my old friend Marilyn was beside me leading the way.

val said... that as Really Been...

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