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Friday, August 31, 2012

Top Treats

As this morning was fine, I decided to pay a return visit to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park to see if I could catch up with some of the creatures I missed two weeks ago. I was luckier than I ever could have imagined.

I managed to see both the Carpathian lynx and her cubs, though only one was visible enough to photograph. They were eating dead bunnies.

This is the mother:

The cub was making a meal of it:

There were four tigers visible today, three of them posing nicely together.

The barbary lions looked cosy together.

I've never seen a binturong before.

This lemur was not the bamboo one on the sign. I think it's a type of sifaka. Very beautful.

The rusty spotted cat was tiny.

The margay was gorgeous.

Then the very rare fossa put in an appearance. Like all the animals I saw at feeding time, he was voracious.


Tess said...

Beautiful pics Val. But I feel bad for the bunnies...

JoJo said...

Great shots Val! I am sad about the bunnies too though.

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