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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

This, That and The Other

This is The Pagoda, a house in Blackheath, not a million miles from the equestrian Olympics. Now my feet are feeling good for the first time in a couple of years, thanks to some steroid injections, I decided to go to the doctor's via Blackheath, passing The Pagoda on the way. They're building some modern monstrosity next door. It might even be in what used to be the generous garden, which has been used in TV programmes in the past.

That's what my hand looks like with the stitches gone. Another scar, just what I wanted.

The other thing of note is the state of my tomatoes. They were bigger than this when I planted them out about 3 months ago. Then the temperature dipped and the rain fell non-stop for two months. The six or so fruit that are just about developing (not even sure if you'll manage to spot them) set before the weather turned, and are still mostly minuscule.

No, climate change is no threat to our food supply, then...


JoJo said...

And here we've hardly had any rain and the crops have died. :( Very sad. How's your hand feeling?

val said...

Not too bad, thanks - better without the stitches. I have a soft ball to squeeze to try and unsquash the nerves.

vikeau said...

"unsquash" is that the medical terminology? LOL Continued recovery.

Eliza said...

Our tomatoes still haven't done anything, but thats neglect as much as climate...on the plus side, the hydrangea looks lovely, it likes the rain :)

Glad you're unbandaged..and I'm very sorry, but the 'soft ball' mind went to very much the wrong place ::blush::

Anonymous said...

Our tomatoes are thriving; but then they're in a greenhouse, safe from the vagaries of the weather, and you never know, the scar may fade, time is young yet :0)

val said...

Time may be young, but I'm not! You know how much longer scars take to heal as one ages, and never disappear completely any more :(

mauigirl said...

Glad your hand is on the mend, Val.

People with rain, please send rain my way.

Never a good idea to squeeze the balls.

Anonymous said...

Well, I cut my thumb open aged about 15, and still have the scar to prove it. Maybe I'm just delicate - LOL!

bobbybegood1 said...

Val you are right I don't see them. Maybe just my poor eyesight. Cheers!!

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