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Monday, August 06, 2012

Double Jointed and the Opposite

Would it surprise you to find these are basically the same thing? It does me.

Hypermobility is the name.

When I attended the pain clinic while awaiting my hip replacement, I was still able to, no, not touch my toes, but actually lay my hands flat on the floor beside my feet - even when wearing four inch heels.

(Yes I could once do this, with ease)

The doctor siad this could contribute to my joint problems, because it meant the ligaments and tendons were not supporting the joints well.

I suppose it's related to my former ability to wiggle my toes independently almost enough to use them for writing.

While trying to find some shoes today that can have a raise put in the left one to accommodate my uneven legs, and custom-made orthotic inserts to help my achy feet, I got chatting to the sales assistant. She is awaiting joint replacement surgery for osteo-arthritis in her hands. Apparently she and her children have been diagnosed with hypermobility,  a genetic condition.

So the thing that makes people double-jointed also causes arthritis, and stiff joints as well as super-flexible ones. Work that one out.

Oh, and just for good measure, it can cause bladder problems. And I am ALWAYS wanting to pee.

I've never been told about this condition, but it's pretty obvious even to me that I have it. This woman was only diagnosed because her son's condition was so serious the whole family was entered for a study. Why aren't doctors joining up the dots?


JoJo said...

Doctors aren't being paid enough to connect the dots, or so they say. I'm probably the most inflexible person you'll ever find b/c I have a hip joint problem. :( My mom's having a hip replacement in a couple months.

JoJo said...
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vikeau said...

It's because doctors first look to see if you're overweight and then blame everything on that. Lose weight and you'll feel better. Oh, now you need a hip or knee replacement because, well if you had lost weight sooner you wouldn't have the degeneration you have now. A lot of procedures that doctors recommend are not for our benefit but its just a lot easier for them. Oh dang there I go again ranting. Sorry you guys--but once again a topic that just burns my buns. I wish there were more health advocates out there--basically people who help other people navigate the medical system.

Eliza said...

I have problems with my hips, knees and hands too, but to a lesser extent..I've put the first 3 down to weight and the last down to using the computer too much..BUT, Matt and Laura are both very flexible (Matt can step through his hands and do other weird things)...maybe they're connected

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the gymnastics at the Olympics and have decided I have all the flexibility of a large wooden chest..... Then again, I'm not tiny and don't weigh roughly 28 pounds fully clothed in winter wear ;0)

bobbybegood1 said...

Doctors don't, can't won't connect the dots because they are trained not to. If they focued more on prevention rather than cut now - ask questions later perhaps they could better internalize the Hypocratic oath. They have just recently bought into the reality that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease. So what can we expect. I have been reading that age does not equate with break down of body parts. Just look at indeginous people who live to be well into their 80's, 90's, 100's and move ever more graceful than people I know in their teens and twenties. Who would run circles around these young folk, too. Also I heard that cracking you knuckles can give you arthritis. By the way Val, I have a friend who at age 18 - barely out of high school diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis. By the time she was twenty-five she was totally disabled using a wheelchair barely able to speak. Yeah, I may have some aches and pains, but I can still find something to be grateful for EVERYDAY. Cheers!!

Yogg said...

wiggle toes independently, that is impossible. I mean, actually independently, like moving the 4th toe without moving any other, or just the middle and then, the pinky at the same time.

val said...

Thanks for your positive comment five years late. Perhaps you'd quibble less if you read what I actually wrote.

Yogg said...

I suppose it's related to my former ability to wiggle my toes independently almost enough to use them for writing.

That is what you wrote, I don't see what the problem is based on what I said. Also, 5y, 6, 10. So what? It is still here, still available, so I can comment if I please (if you dislike old posts getting comments, just close them)

val said...

Almost enough. Ever heard of Christy Brown? Or seen My Left Foot? Which he wrote with his left foot. It became a film with Daniel Day Lewis. This was my reference point. Hope you look him up and find out more. Inspirational. Sadly not my opinion of DDL or his mother, actress Jill Balcon, after hearing what my friend said (she used to teach him). She liked "the old man" though, poet laureate Cecil Day Lewis.

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