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Friday, August 17, 2012

One Determined Lady

Lady? Well, perhaps not!

Scottish wild cat keeper Neville told us yesterday about his Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are a relatively new breed, and they are incredibly beautiful:

Neville acquired his from the daughter of the original owner of the two animal parks, millionaire casino owner John Aspinall. He and his wife looked after the cat soon after she was bought while her owner went on holiday. His wife became attached, so when Ms Aspinall was concerned at her behaviour in her place in London, she asked them to adopt the creature so she could go outside.

Of course, in reality, she was just coming into season. She disappeared for seven days, and came back with a large black tomcat in tow, pregnant.She had 3 kittens.

The vet advised they get her spayed as soon as she stopped lactating, but as soon as the kittens were eight weeks old she disappeared again, and the cycle repeated itself. This time she had 7 babies.

They decided to keep her in an enclosure in the garden, but once she realised what they had in mind she went missing ahead of her season.

By the time they managed to get her "fixed" she had given birth to 27 kittens. One determined little kittie!

As the family also keeps Maine Coons, I'm not sure if it was one of them, or one of the Bengal's kittens, who was so big he had to have a dog collar, as a cat one big enough could not be found.


JoJo said...

They are pretty cats. The Maine Coons are huge. Sorry to hear that she wasn't spayed as soon as possible though.

vikeau said...

Absolutely beautiful. Athough I must say she reminds me of the ancient Eygipan reliefs of cats. So I'm wondering if a new breed that's come around again.

val said...

Vikeau, they are a hybrid between domestic tabbies and the Indian wild cat. Some cat fancies regard them as too close to the wild to be considered safe. My friend has some and is secretary of the Bengal Cat Society.

The Egyptian Mau is closest to the ancient Egyptian breed.

vikeau said...

val I never heard of an Egypian Mau, so I goggled it. Another amazingly beautiful cat. From what I read the Egypian Mau is believed to be descended from the African Wild cat. All in all very majestic critters. ;)

Eliza said...

I do love the Bengals..but I'm not sure I'd want the responsibility of owning one :)

Maine Coons are another breed I love...but I'll stick to moggies for now

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