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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Values - Day 15

Bobby to the rescue in the dark, dark woods.


JoJo said...

Poor thing looks so cold!

Eliza said...

If you were stuck in the woods he's just what you'd want to see I think..complete with his snuggly jacket :)

vikeau said...

Over here Bobby, I'm over here!! Oh and JoJo like you couldn't warm him up--I know I'd try. LOL

Anonymous said...

..and he of all people should know you don't go in the woods... ;0)

judith said...

LOL..Diane...Val who's It's posted in the comments.

val said...

"It" commented on several posts in one go, I assume it's an automated spam thing. I deleted them on my email notifications, forgetting they would still be on the blog!

judith said...

Thanks Val..

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