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Sunday, July 01, 2012

The woman to thank - or blame!

I've always known that I was delivered by a midwife called Nurse Walkerdine. I remember my mother taking about her, and seeing the article about her death in the local paper.

But until today I've never come across any mention of her in a search engine. It led me to a film clip that cannot be downloaded, but which you can watch here:

The narrator pronounces her name as Miss Walkerdeen but I think my mother, who after all actually met her, would have been correct in calling her Walkerdyne. There is a Valerie Walkerdine who comes up in Google as a nursing professional. I like to think that may be her granddaughter, and that she may have been named after me...


JoJo said...

It's not out of the realm of possibilities that Valerie was named after you!! :D Were you delivered at home or in a hospital?

val said...

At home. It was the norm back then, even though the Health Service was in existence.

My mother's first-born was delivered by some nuns, but there were complications - the cord wrapped round his neck - and he was stillborn. She never got over it. For my sister she had the doctor and for me the midwife.

val said...

You know, now I think about it, my mum said the midwife told her I looked like a proper little Valerie. Till then I was going to be Elizabeth. But with a sister who was a Margaret, my parents didn't want to sound too royal, and Elizabeth became my middle name.

Eliza said...

She looks kind..and thats what you need in a midwife :)

I imagine my Gran would have known the midwife who delivered my Mum quite well, as they lived in a small village..but by the time I came along it was hospital all the dad remembers walking home after I was born..5 miles or so in his slippers, singing all the way :)

vikeau said...

I must say when I think of an British mid-wife, nurse or nanny, Ms. Walkerdeen is really what pops into my head. How lucky yo have been able to find such a cool piece of history.

val said...

Eliza, I was born a week early, in my aunt's house which was next door. They had a TV and my dad was watching when he heard what he thought was the cat, and went to let him in! That was cry entry into the world.

bobbybegood1 said...

Great story, Val. Once upon a time I considered being a doula, which is somewhat similiar to a midwife. Cheers!!

bobbybegood1 said...

You funny lady. I think we can indeed thank the woman. Cheers!!

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