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Friday, July 06, 2012

Identity Crisis - Day 10

Is he wondering if he could have done more to save his brother, or considering his own childhood with his schizophrenic mother?


Diane said...

Poor Bobby, always carrying someone else's baggage

mauigirl said...

I thought at the end, when Bobby asks Grey Vanderhoven if he knew his brother had loved him, perhaps he was asking that of Frank: After their falling out re Donny, did Frank know Bobby loved him still?

JoJo said...

Bobby was such a good son and brother and wasn't appreciated by Frank and his mom. :(

vikeau said...

Tough love it's all about tough love.

Eliza said...

Maybe he was wondering how so many kids fall through the cracks? In Bobbys story, and the same with these boys, it felt that there was no support for the families until irrepairable damage had been done...but thats just my opinion. There was always a lot of family support for my brother and I..if mum had been on her own with us, who knows what would have happened :)

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