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Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Down

Seventy-nine million to go.

Bastard things to get fixed.

My computer is still in hospital, but the technician has something new to try before giving it the last rites.

I've tried to get some builders along to give me estimates to fix my leak, no luck.

BUT the engineer came today, a day early, to fix my central heating boiler, and even though we both thought he'd have to try and find a spare part or two for the 12-year-old appliance, he found some loose gubbins and tightened it up and - Hey Presto! One fixed boiler. And working like a brand new one, he said, not like the old lady she is.


Wish he could fix computers...


JoJo said...

I hope it all gets sorted for ya! I'm dead in the water if my laptop goes....I do worry....

Diane said...

I have a problem with the shower. I thought 'water; needs plumber' but apparently this requires the services of an electrician. Called the local electrician that we've used for years 3 weeks ago and am still waiting for a call-back. I've now given up waiting and resorted to the local newspaper before someone gets boiled alive by the no-longer co-operating thermostat!

Eliza said...

If the computer goes, I will be stuck..although I have all the back-up discs necessary to completely wipe it and start's just such a pain to do...good luck with yours

Sometimes renting is a godsend..we had a new boiler fitted a couple of years ago and if anything does happen help is a phonecall away

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