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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Between the storms

We've been having some horrendous weather, wet and windy. Yesterday started out sunny, so I took the risk of going to the zoo. Luckily I was only caught in two nasty downpours.

Lucifer found a patch of sun to sleep in. He looks like a big old moth-eaten rug:

The girls were looking for trouble:

(Nice view of Lucifer's bollocks, by the way.)

 OK, let's have a wander and see if we can find any mischief:

On the other hand, can we really be bothered?

Meanwhile, Lumpur struck a typical laid-back cat pose:


JoJo said...

Cute cats but o.O on Lucifer's...erm....junk! lol

vikeau said...

I have the urge to scratch Lumpur's tummy to see if I can get him to purr.

val said...

I'm sure he'd enjoy that. I think some nice crunchy fingers would be good for his teeth ;-)

mauigirl said...

They're just beautiful creatures!

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