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Sunday, May 06, 2012

My Old China

I have some rather attractive china cat sculptures that I bought for myself, but a few years ago a co-worker bought me this for my birthday:

I found it charming, but didn't think it was anything in particular. Some time later, I saw an article in Your Cat magazine about Winstanley cats, and they looked bit like my little fellah. Then I forgot all about it till recently they ran another article. I decided to photograph my kittie and send the pictures to the Winstanley cat makers, including this one of his base:

And lo! he is a Winstanley cat! They don't sell for huge sums of money, but enough for me to realise that my co-worker must have thought fondly of me.

For anyone interested in having a look at their products, here's the web address:


JoJo said...

Great to know you have a collectible!! The kitty is really cute too!

Tess said...

It's lovely!

Ruby said...

This is absolutely charming, Val!! How wonderful that you are caretaker for this little darling!!!

Sandy said...

This is really special!

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