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Monday, May 07, 2012


What? you wonder. All will become clear. Or not. 'Cos it's insane.

London just re-elected the ridiculous Boris Johnson, he of the uncontollable hair, as its mayor. During his first 4-year term of office he put forward the idea of a cable car across the Thames, to ease people's travel between Olympic venues. It was to be done by the sponsorship of business alone.

Then it seemed to be forgotten. I certainly hadn't heard anything more about its progress. Now I've found a map of the proposed route :

I was only looking for this because today, for the first time in many weeks, I travelled to the Greenwich Peninsula, and was astonished to see a sight rather like this:

The little dots are cable cars. The pylons are cable car towers. Here's a closer view of the system:

So it's happened. Apparently the first car crossed last Wednesday. Obviously it wasn't much in the news (maybe because it might influence the elections that took place on Thursday) because I read two newspapers a day, watch the local and national TV news, and listen to the news on the radio. But there it is for all to see, with a parade of cars going in each direction. BBCCC. Bonkers Boris's Crazy Cable Car.

Will I be going on it any time soon?

Will I fuck.


Sandy said...

Wouldn't catch me up there on one of those things!

JoJo said...

I'd go in a heartbeat! I love aerial trams!!!!!

vikeau said...

Actually it looks like it would be a hoot to ride. Although I do have issues with ski lifts, which in spite of my fear, I will ride (beats the alternative tow rope or walking up the hill). But I so love your nickname for it.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to go with Jojo :0)

ann said...

Thank goodness for BoJo - he may appear to be a buffoon, but he is in fact extremely intelligent and intellectual in person.
Surely Val, it wouldn't have sat comfortable with you for the alternative known anti-semitic, and now known tax evader to have been our London Mayor!

val said...

Sorry, Ann, when Boris can hardly finish a sentence, I can't regard him as intelligent and certainly not intellectual. Ken, I believed, was anti-Zionist, which is not the same as anti-semitic, but my vote went to Jenny Jones, the Green, and I'm a great believer in having the courage to use your vote courageously. If more people did, she might have been successful.

ann said...

Phew, wiping brow in relief - I somehow couldn't see you being in red ken's group. However he is not only anti-Zionist, but notoriously anti-semitic as well as much is reported in the Jewish press that is not reported in the usual media.
I certainly have nothing against Jenny Jones.

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