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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Fort So

As so often happens, one of JoJo's posts has inspired me to revisit a time from my earlier life. This time it was some slimey rocks in one of her beach photos.

When I was a child, we holidayed a couple of times at a place called Reculver, on the Kent coast. It was situated on top of a cliff from which large lumps had fallen on to the beach below over the years - actually, as it turned out, over the centuries. Near the cliff edge were the remains of a 12th century church, which had been moved inland early in the 18th century. Much of the stone was robbed out, but the towers remained, which always suggested to me that they'd been a bit premature in their removal of the church.
Behind the towers there were the remains of a Roman fort. It was great for a child to explore these ruins and climb all over them. I doubt you can do that today. Health and safety, you know.
The lumps of cliff on the beach became covered in seaweed and were very slippery and slimey. If you lifted them, there were little crabs and other sealife in the pools underneath.
A postcard from the 1930s shows that for some time there were makeshift wooden spires atop the towers. These were long gone by the time I visited in the early 1960s.
In the summer of 1999 my mother was in a care home run by the Salvation Army, and they took their residents on a trip to the nearest town of Herne Bay. I went with her. We used to spend at least one day there when we were at Reculver, but on this trip I saw something I'd never noticed before - a fort, not from Roman times, but from World War II, its legs firmly planted in the sea.
That very weekend there was an article about these forts in a Sunday newspaper magazine. Quite a coincidence. Wish I'd kept it.

Just as a footnote, to get from Reculver, which is not easily accessible, to Herne Bay or, indeed, anywhere else, you have to go through the village with (I think) the prettiest name in the English language - Beltinge.


anactingnurse said...

This is so cool! Neat commentary. I love it when you share your travels with us.

JoJo said...

LOVE this post Val! I laughed outloud that the slimey rocks in my pic inspired this post. :D I want to visit this place so bad and shoot photos of the ruins!

vikeau said...

How cool. One of my favorite things about your blog(aside from the Vincent photos of course) are the travel logs. It's been decades since I been to England and am hoping to get across the pond right soon. I have a long list of places to go. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Another one to add to my 'Bucket List'!

bobbybegood1 said...

Beautiful pics Val. You do visit some of the most gorgeous places. As a child my friends and I would -not exactly break-in - but would "visit" a wonderful beach behind someone's home. I remember having to walk extra careful so as not to break my neck on those rocks. Wonderful post. Cheers!!

Ruby said...

Very neat, Val!

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