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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Clipping from Saturday's "i" newspaper:
    Lack of cleaning endangers health
    People are putting their health at risk by not cleaning kitchen cupboards out properly,
      an Asda survey has suggested.  The report claims that the insides of the oven and the
      fridge are also likely to go unscrubbed. It's also been claimed that 600,000 homes are
      cleaned only at Christmas.

Oh dear. As often as that?

I will clean my kitchen cupboards out one day. It was only replaced 12 years ago. The oven is hardly ever used, and the fridge is just two years old.

Cut us some slack, Asda. You know you're just trying to get us to buy more cleaning products. Mine last for ages. Some even came from Safeway.

How many years ago did that shut down?

And for those of you who think I'm kidding...sorry :-(


judith said...

I'm with you Val.....and so far husband and I have'nt caught a major disease...When I was ill after having the children I was put in hospital for being too clean...could'nt stop washing my hands and scrubbing things..used to clean from getting up to going to bed...Now I've gone the other way..

val said...

Judith, I think we have so many kids with asthma and so on because they don't get the chance to build up their immune systems. They are vaccinated against everything and brought up in places where germs are bleached out of existence.

Let them eat dirt, I say. Digging up worms in the garden never did me any harm, my resistance is so strong I should donate my blood to science to develop a flu vaccine 'cos I've NEVER had flu!

judith said...

I agree Val.I grew up on a farm and I'm sure my resistance is like yours.
Having children jiggled about with my hormones and that's what made me the way I was...It took seven years for it to get better and we (the family) walked to hell and back every's a horrible illness..I still do have a few hang-ups from it even now but can manage them...

bobbybegood1 said...

A-Bit-O-History: Me and my childhood buddies used to eat candy, gum, cupcakes, ice cream - and anything else edible - off the ground when we was kids. We would just "kiss it up to God" and feast. Ain't never got a cold sore, infection or anything. Go figure! Wouldn't do that today, however. Cheers!!

JoJo said...

LOL I never caught a disease either!!!! Although I do need to clean the fridge shelves. But I don't leave food in there to become science experiments anyway!!!

val said...

Me neither, JoJo, in fact since the hens left home I have hardly anything in the fridge part except milk and a bit of salad. But the freezer half is full of things frozen into bricks.

vikeau said...

According to that report, I should actually be posting from the after life. I should have brought the farm a while ago. I did however clean the cupboard out a couple of weeks ago and in the back was something that expired in 1999. I thought okay I need to do some serious purging. Problem now is that my cupboards are bare.

Eliza said...

I've never been particularly concerned with how clean my cupboards are..or anywhere else for that kids have grown up with very few visits to the doctors so I figure it did them some good...only thing I really do do is clean the worksurface before making anything...and thats only cos the cats get up on them :)

JoJo said...

LOL Val, my tater tots are frozen into a big tater brick. lmao

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