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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blubbing for Britain

I cry very easily. I cry at sad stuff, at heart-warming stuff, at happy stuff. I choke up. I can hardly speak.

Take today. I found a wallet in the supermarket car park as I was on my way inside to do my "big shop". I waited at the Customer Service desk for an assistant to be free. She looked inside and found a name. It took her a while to register that it was the name of an employee (there are hundreds of them, it's a huge store) but they couldn't find him. I went off to do some shopping, but a vew minutes later they called my name over the tannoy.

They'd located him, and there was this young disabled man who walks with the aid of crutches. He hadn't even known his wallet was missing. He thanked me, but I was the one who was grateful. Grateful he hadn't been distresseed, glad he hadn't been deprived of his valuables. I could hardly speak 'cos I would have given my emotional state away.

I went for years without crying at all. I wonder why I didn't then, and I do now.


JoJo said...

Oh thanks now I'm all choked up as well. I cry wicked easy too....I'm so glad it was YOU who found the wallet. Someone else might have used it as a way to steal his identity.

Ruby said...

It's funny, Val, I used to cry very easily, and now...hardly at all. I kind of miss it; sometimes I put on a sad movie just to get the tears out. But it makes me very happy to know such a kind and good-hearted person as you. Not everyone would have been so honest. But I think it is simply the nature of the Vixens!

Sandy said...

Good for you Val!! Bravo!! Hopefully the good deed will come back to you trifold. It does one's soul good to do something nice .

Sandy said...

Forgot to say that I'm a cryer too.. Sometimes I hate myself for being like that. Happy or sad, makes no difference to me either.

vikeau said...

There must be a reason we "found" each other. I cry at Hallmark and Kodaic commericals. And yes val I too would have sniffled at the young man getting his wallet back and being made whole. I find crying to be a good way to just let stuff out, whether good or bad.

vikeau said...

For instance, I teared up while reading your post from yesterday. But it also brought up some really good memories that I hadn't thought about in years. Started with tears and ended with a smile.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I cry at 'Masterchef!'

Miex said...

This gives me goosebumps

sixtwosue said...

Just a wonderful story. And yeah, I cried at the photo of the man being reunited with his dog after the awful tornadoes last week, so this one got me, too.

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