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Friday, April 15, 2011


My neighbour's son-in-law's post mortem result has shown something dreadful. He died, not of septicaemia, but of necrotising fasciitis. That's the flesh-eating disease. And it was eating his organs from the inside. The coroner said it could have been caused by something as small as an ulcer in his mouth, but I wonder if that's true. Wouldn't it have started eating him in the area where it started? Anyone medical know? If it was eating him up inside, isn't that where it must have started? And wouldn't it have got there during that hip replacement? It's all very shocking. And now she isn't my neighbour any more. She moved out today. The new neighbours are in the house she'd occupied since 1963. I must say, I liked them on sight. I just hope my parrot Louis keeps quiet and doesn't disturb them and put them off me before he goes to his new home and girlfriend later in the month!


potzina said...

That's too horrible. Poor man!

JoJo said...

NOOOO!!!! That's awful!!!! How in the world did he contract it I wonder???

Do I understand this correctly, Louis isn't going to live w/ you anymore?

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