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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Degrees of President Obama

When I was sitting in the dentist's chair the other day, we were reminiscing about the 60s, which was all a mystery to his young nurse. We got to name-drops, and the nurse said something about it was like people talking about 6 degrees of the President.

I told her I could get a lot closer than that: an ex-pupil whose husband Martin (whom I met, so he's the first link, not her) was at Oxford with Bill Clinton. All the nurse could say was, "Did Clinton go to Oxford?" So we explained the Rhodes Scholarship to her.

Later, it occurred to me that, as Clinton and his wife know Obama, that puts me just 3 degrees away:

3 - Me!
2 - Martin
1 - Clinton
0 - Obama

Didn't know I was so well connected!


JoJo said...

Wow, come to think of it, I must be as well:

Hilary Clinton law clerked for my former boss Mal back in the late 60's, and she knows Obama too. lol

Music Wench said...

A college friend works for Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, who knows President Obama. He knew his parents and grandparents as well. Neil was pretty cool. He used to drive a NYC yellow cab with his name on the side. lol I used to see that cab around Honolulu and on campus at the University of Hawaii a lot. So I guess I'm connected by three degrees, too.

3. Me
2. Dan S.
1. Neil Abercrombie
0. President Obama

I also have some college friends who remember him from school at Punahou. If I had listened to my parents and attended Punahou as they wished, perhaps I would one degree instead of three. lol Ah the folly of youth and the desire to stay in the same school as all my friends. :-/

potzina said...

That's funny, Val. I didn't know that Clinton was at Oxford. I learned something today.

Ruby said...

I feel honored to know all you folks! I voted for Obama. Does that make me one degree away???? (I didn't think so!)

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