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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What goes into a fruit yogurt?

Aside from fruit and milk, that is.

Well, bits of dead animal, actually. Most of them have it. They call it gelatine, and pretend there is no alternative.

Well, WeightWatchers' citrus yogurts used to use an alternative. I would eat them quite often. I didn't bother to check the ingredients list, or look for the Suitable For Vegetarians logo, when I bought some last week. It was only after I'd eaten one that I realised the logo was gone, and that these yogurts now contained either pigs' feet or calves' hooves. Or maybe a mixture of both. Strangely, they don't specify.

Needless to say, I felt sick. I've been a vegetarian since 1976.

The rest are now in the bin, and WeightWatchers is a brand I won't be buying again.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegetarian but I just looked at what you are talking about on the internet. I had no idea that that's where gelatin came from. Makes all those times I ate Jell-O or gummy worms turn my stomach. The research also says that you are still technically a vegetarian if you haven't eaten animal flesh.

JoJo said...

It's amazing how the food industry slips that stuff in. I haven't eaten jello in a long time but I do eat yogurt every day and it didn't occur to me that gelatine was in it. I do know that the red food colouring comes from some kind of beetle *shudder*

mauigirl said...


potzina said...

I'm vegetarian too and I never eat yogurts because of gelatin. I eat nothing with gelatin. Yuck !

Ruby said...


val said...

I don't care about other people's technicalities, Nantz, I don't want to eat bits of dead animal.

Some yogurts are OK, JoJo, it's always worth checking the label. All sorts of desserts have gelatine in, yet strangely I always manage to find enough to take home with me... The beetle is the cochineal beetle, and the poor little thing has to have the life crushed out of it.

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