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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking It Easy

Those of a delicate disposition may like to look away now.

I have been suffering from post-anaesthetic constipation, and yesterday I crammed every possible over-the-counter medication into my body from both ends. I'd had serious aches and pains, not to mention a measure of exhaustion, so after sorting out the girlies at 6am, I went back to bed.

Just as I roused myself again at about 9.20, the doorbell rang. Quickly thrusting my arms into my dressing gown backwards (to protect the innocent) I went and answered the door to what turned out to be the man delivering my pet supplies order.

Off I went for a shower, and then thought it was time for a relaxing breakfast watching some LOCI on my satellite recorder. This afternoon I was expecting someone to fix the last few problems with my new window, and a burglar alarm engineer. But before I even got breakfast ready the burglar alarm guy arrived.

As I hadn't wanted a hole drilled through the sill on my new window, I'd decided to have my alarm upgraded to a wireless version. This is the closest I can find on Google to the keypad. Exciting isn't it (yawn):

The guy was fully entrenched for 5 whole hours. Meanwhile the window man came and did his thing.
As it was going to be a fine, warm, sunny day, I'd asked my friend to come over and watch over the chickies while I was tending to the workers. That way they could have their first roam in a week. At 1.30 she arrived and out they came, with her uncustomarily lapping up the sun with them.
When the alarm guy finally left at 3.30, Sus and I (OK, mostly Sus, I admit it, I was just a little bit careful for once) cleaned out the coop and run.
And so went my nice, relaxing day. Tomorrow I want to go to a family history fair.
Well, as long as my nether regions are operating OK. My multi-medication strategy seems to have turned my original problem into its opposite...
You can look back now.


Anonymous said...

OK, so when do you start taking it easy???!

Eliza said...

You do know the definition of 'resting' don't you? :-P

As long as you're doing what you feel comfortable with, I guess you're doing fine..apart from that one thing..try eating hard boiled eggs..I find that pretty effective at stopping things..and I can't believe I just put that

JoJo said...

Val, seriously, you have got to stop pushing yourself after surgery! lol

Sorry to hear that your plumbing was stopped up. That sucks. Hey Eliza, thanks for the tip. lol I usually get constipated when I travel. then I overdo it with laxatives and pay for it later.

Tess said...

OK...First of all. Val, you just had surgery. This is not a cold or virus. Take it easy for gods sake. For constipation...First thing in the morning, drink warm water with the juice of one lemon...Your colon will thank you.

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