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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emigrate, anyone?

Imagine if this were the view from your garden:

This picture was taken from my cousin Linda's house on Island Lake, near Athabasca in Alberta, Canada.

I'd love to go back some day.


Tess said...

I'm ready to go!

val said...

Mind you, everything is on a grand scale in Canada - including the mosquitoes!

Anonymous said...

I remember their flies being the size of Mothra.

JoJo said...

BEAUTEOUS!!!!!! I was going to make a comment about the mosquitos though. It's beautiful country, but uncomfortable in the summer b/c of the bugs.

mauigirl said...

It looks exquisite, what a lovely place to live.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a gorgeous country. Too bad Alberta is so far away from here.

Sandy said...

That green grass just looks GREAT right noe because all I see when I look out my windows is white-SNOW and cold 21 below zero windchill all day today. Brrrrr.

Eliza said...

After looking outside this morning and only seeing other houses I think I could cope with living there :-)

potzina said...

I'm going to pack my bags.

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