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Friday, January 21, 2011

Boys send the girls in first

The London Zoo lions - mum, dad, and male and female cubs - were given some enrichment today. The keepers sprayed something on to a couple of balls, and lobbed them into the enclosure.

First to investigate was the female cub, who obviously got a noseful of whatever-it-was, and seemed to be trying to get it off her taste buds. She also had a good sneeze.

Mum had a look, then rolled over like a big kitten before leaving her daughter to it.

Dad and the male cub looked on, not daring to brave the unknown till the girls had checked it out. Finally the girl did that typical cat thing and tucked it away under the "furniture".


JoJo said...

AWWWW! They're so CUTE! The cubs have gotten big!!

potzina said...

They're adorable! Lovely kitties :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video! Love seeing their behaviors and interactions...thank you for making this for us to see!

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