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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The New L.A. D.A.

So, here he is, one of the new LOCI:L.A. team - Alfred Molina.

From the mad look in his eyes, I'd say he'd be more suited to playing a perp, as he did in the mothership, when he was the spoilt rapist son of a rich mother, played, I think, by Angela Lansbury.

From an interview he did in the UK the other day, it appears there have been more Lego versions of characters played by him than by Harrison Ford. He seems to enjoy playing baddies, and was in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spiderman and The Da Vinci Code.

I was first aware of Molina (who is a Londoner) in the early 1980s, where the most famous thing about him was his marriage to Jill Gascoigne, who was playing Britain's first high-powered female cop. She was born in 1937, he in 1953. It was easy to conclude that he had married this successful older woman to further his own career.

Now she is unheard of, and he is a big success, but I can find no mention of their having divorced or even separated. In which case - kudos, Mr Molina.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to forgive me, I can't seem to get excited about L & O...Zzzzzzzzzz

JoJo said...

He looks a bit menacing to me!

Music Wench said...

I do remember him as a bad guy in Raiders. Didn't know about his marriage. I wish him well in LOLA but unfortunately, I'm pretty much done with all the L&O's. After the unceremonious way Goren and Eames (and Ross, too) exited, I'm never watching anything from this franchise ever again.

Yeah, I do hold a grudge, apparently.

potzina said...

He looks very wild! lol I don't care about LOCI...

bobbybegood1 said...

All I can say is, "Lawdy, have mercy!" A face only a mother or a blind woman can love. Ha. Cheers Val!!

mauigirl said...

Interesting choice for their show, one I'll never watch. Big man, dark hair and eyes, intense actor, strong personality. Wonder where they ever got that idea from???
What do they say - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

ann said...

i like him - he's a great guy and he's done some great stuff - not sure about lola as a whole, but if it gets a thumbs down it won't be because of Molina

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