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Friday, August 06, 2010

Big Girls' Bras

Today I went to a bra-fitting studio. I expected to be measured and told how very wrong my current bra size is.

But the fitter worked "by eye". She never judged my old bra. I imagine she's used to such things.

I left with two Panache bras, a lilac bra in this style (whose name is Tango):

and one pale pink and one cream in this style - "Eliza" (sorry hon).
(Does that left boob look much bigger to you?)
There was a lot of choice of colours, which I didn't expect.
I also didn't expect to go in a 44G and come out a 36K.


JoJo said...

You are lucky you have a bra-fitting place. The expensive dept. stores here probably have bra fitters but I can't afford those kinds of stores.

I have been putting off bra shopping b/c it's just a horrid experience. I know I am in the wrong size. Plus I won't wear lace (way too itchy) and I don't like seams that either come to a point at the nipple or where you can see the seam line under a shirt. Not to mention how incredibly expensive they are. Sadly, I really have to get it done soon b/c mine are about to fall apart! lol

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous. I really need to spend the good penny and buy one like that. We have a really good shop in town that will fit you, I really need to make the trip.

potzina said...

I wear bras only because it's beautiful. I don't need bras because my breasts are tiny! Tiny is an understatement! I'm jealous of women with big boobs ;)
You made a good choice, they're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

If I'm ever fitted for a bra, there's only one man for the job as far as I'm concerned ;0)

Eliza said...

I quite like the bra that shares my name..looks pretty :-)

jazzy said...

If Vincent was my presonal bra fitter he could measure me "by hand".

Music Wench said...

I've heard of bra-fitting but I live in the middle of nowhere basically. And like JoJo, they're probably too expensive for me to visit. :-/

Tess said...

Wish there was a place like that here. Having the right bra is essential.

a said...

you can always go for a fitting and not buy anything, so you know what size you are.

If not available, a good rule of thumb is that the center of the bra, where the cups meet, should sit flush against the chest wall. If that is happening, or if there is any overspill, you need to go up a cup size.

val said...

Ladies, the fitting was free as long as you bought something, and only £10 if you didn't. The bras weren't that expensive - one was £26 the other £29. I usually pay over £20 anyway for one that isn't really a good fit but feels comfortable.

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